New to Faith?  Here's what to expect.

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What should I wear?
At Faith, you will likely find some people wearing suits, some wearing polos and slacks, and others in T-shirts and jeans.  No matter what you wear, you will be welcome at FLC.

What about my children or grandchildren?
Your children and grandchildren are always welcome to join us in the worship service, and we often include a children's message during our worship service time.  While we do not offer children's church specifically, we have child care available for children under the age of 5 during the service.  We can offer education classes to children of all ages as well.

What does Faith teach?
Faith Lutheran Church is a proud member of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod.  To learn more about the teachings of the LCMS, click here.

To learn more about what we believe at Faith specifically, click here.

As a visitor, can I take communion at FLC?
FLC practices what is known as "close communion."  We believe that the Bible teaches that the bread and wine that Jesus instituted as the Lord's Supper are more than simply symbolic means of strengthening your faith.  Rather, bread and wine are the ways in which Jesus shares his true presence with us.  We believe that, to take communion in a worthy manner as taught in 1 Corinthians 11:27, one must be a baptized believer who approaches the table with a repentant heart and acknowledges the sacramental presence of the Lord. 

For further clarification, click here to see the assertions that we believe about the Lord's Supper.  If you are able to assert these Biblical truths with us, you are more than welcome to come forward to share communion with us.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to come forward to receive a blessing.  And if you would love to ask us why we believe what we believe, click here to set up a meeting with Pastor Juan or Pastor Harry.